Who We Are


As a veterinarian, I offer a special look into the eyes and souls of the animals I photograph. My ability to read and anticipate animal behavior allows me to catch "special moments" and give you a glimpse into their rich emotional lives and unique personalities.

Many of the animals I photograph are endangered. I hope that you will connect with them through my lens, love them as I do, and join me in the fight to help them. 

My passions also include street photography, travel photography, and interesting land and cityscapes. I take my camera with me always, and love capturing the people of New York City where I live today, and my native home of Jerusalem. But animals will always have my heart...

Some of my photographs are for sale. If you see something you like that isn't listed, please contact us.



As the Business & Creative Director for YS Wildlife Photography, Amy conceived, designs, writes and edits my website, edits and curates my images, forms and cultivates partnerships with businesses, tourism and conservation organizations, plans and executes all aspects of my wildlife photo safaris, assists me on photo shoots, organizes and promotes my events, oversees social media, and handles all sales and licensing.

If you have any questions or licensing requests, or would like to inquire about a safari, please contact her.

Amy Montminy