Birds & Reptiles

Birds & Reptiles

"No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings."
- William Blake

Did you know that approximately 1,200 species of birds are either endangered, threatened, or vulnerable? That's 12% of all living bird species. 

And though this may seem like a relatively small number, we may take a lesson from Mao Zedong, Former Chairman of the Communist Party of China.

Believing sparrows were the reason some of his agricultural programs failed in the 1950's, he declared them an "enemy of the state" and gave farmers incentives to kill them. Largely, they succeeded. 

The next year, a plague of locusts took over China, destroying all its crops. Their natural predator, the sparrow, was not there to stop them. 

Nearly 30 million people died in the famine that followed.

And that's what happens when just one species of bird is killed. 

We are all interconnected, from the smallest bird to the largest elephant. We need each other to survive.

Join the efforts to protect our birds and reptiles.